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Innovative Plastic Products made from Recycled or Bio-based Materials

The principles of sustainable development are the guide of all our processes. By connecting people and nature with our clear vision, which is reflected in the development of our innovative products, we want to build a base for responsible lives on our planet. Driven by our values, which are the source of responsible fulfilment of given promises, we set high goals, show courage in finding inspiring solutions and a sustainable attitude, which is proven by our respect towards natural resources. In the Netherlands we are working together with our partner Agriton. Contact Agriton for sales and working together for a sustainable future. Check out their store locations here.


Bokashi Organko meets influencers around Europe

Right now, more than 150 influencers all over Europe follow and support our mission of saving the planet. They use our Bokashi Organko composters regularly and are more and more fascinated about their versatile usage. The idea that they can return to nature what it gave them is surreal. And the fact that this is so simple and can be integrated into their everyday life is inspiring. READ MORE

6 reasons why you need Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean in your offer

1. Start saving oceans and our future.
2. For every product sold, we donate 2 euros to ocean cleanups.
3. Get a sustainable product for every sustainable household.
4. Your customers will get a first-class compost base for their gardens and plants.
5. With Bokashi liquid, your customers can water plants and clean drains.
6. The users of Bokashi Organko composters reduce their bio-waste by 25%. READ MORE

New kitchen composter, made from fishing nets

Plastic waste is not the only polluter of our oceans, as a frightening 640,000 tons of fishing nets are dumped in it every year, which pose a deadly threat to the entire ecosystem. At Skaza, we have devoted years to the waste issue, but now we are turning our attention to the oceans. The latest generation of our award-winning Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composter is made from recycled fishing nets. READ MORE

Bokashi Organko is now a new active member of the nursery Montessori Svet Celje

A few days ago, we surprised the children in the Montessori kindergarten Svet Celje, Slovenia, by sending them a new “classmate.” This classmate is not an ordinary “classmate” whose parents bring him to the kindergarten daily, but he is a constant companion in the classroom who needs “to be fed” every day. They got two Bokashi Organko composters. The children were thrilled and happy to see what they received in the eco packaging. After reviewing the leaflets and user manuals, they found out that it was a composter for bio-waste. READ MORE

Sustainability is deeply embedded in our brand's DNA. We recognized some of the biggest challenges society and our planet are facing and developed unique solutions to overcome those issues. Not just by recycling packaging, or not printing documents, but by investing in new initiatives that challenge our production methods, how we operate, what materials we use, and by redesigning the brand from its fundamentals. Also, our products are sustainable solutions by itself. People can compost their green waste and leftovers and feed it to the green around them.

Grondstoffen & materialen

By spinning the plastics that already exist on the planet we give it a new purpose and in this way care for the planet. The constant development of new sustainable materials is possible with our Research & Innovation Department that is responsible for integrating innovative ways and sustainable plastics in our production.


Productie, vervoer & verpakking

Our production is located in the Heart of Europe, Slovenia. With the implementation of the circular economy concept into our production, Skaza aims to contribute towards a sustainable society based on recyclable and renewable resources. We believe in a model that no longer considers resources as infinite so we re-use them.


For our Family-friendly Company certificate, the great importance is to balance the work and private life, which we achieve with flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home. We also encourage creative thinking with the BIPS system (Boundless Ideas of Plastika Skaza). With it, all employees can make suggestions for improving working conditions in all areas. We only produce locally so all our employees are rewarded according to EU standards.


Keurmerken & certificering

Proof of our sustainable actions is the certificate ISO 14001. By its adoption & application, we fulfill the principles of the environmental policy. The Red Dot is one of the most prestigious & coveted design awards in the world. The fact that we received the award confirms the excellence & innovative design of our Bokashi Organko 2. We received recognition in partnership & cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maribor, for the development of an advanced system for separating the secondary raw material of transparent polycarbonate.

Duurzame impact

A verified solution made from recycled materials for you to reduce your bio-waste by 25%. Made for people who want to express their green lifestyle and take care of the planet. Bokashi composting reduces your carbon footprint and keeps the planet healthier.