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Our story began with a crazy-sounding idea with a bunch of people who wanted to see the world differently. Our original idea was to make wooden tiles for the bathroom – just because it sounded fun and challenging. As we got acquainted with the industry, we soon realized that our idea was not only fun, but also important. It turned out that ceramics as a material is a burden on the environment, and it has a large carbon footprint. Inspired by our own original idea and this insight, we are now here.


  • Woodio Flow

    € 3999 - € 4999

    Woodio Flow freestanding bathtub has a softly modern oval form. The wooden tub has a stainless steel base with a semi-glossy black powder coating and adjustable legs. Bekijk product

  • Woodio Wall

    € 129 - € 139

    Woodio Wall interior panel is made for modern interior designers and DIY lovers. Woodio Wall decorative panel gives interior surfaces a stone-like impression without the burden of stone, allowing you to create unique visual decor from traditional to contemporary interiors. Bekijk product

  • Woodio Block

    € 749 - € 799

    Woodio wall-hung toilet seat is a great option for those who appreciate durable, timeless, and stylish practicality. The modern, subtle and round-lined exterior of the toilet seat is perfect with the basins in the Woodio collection. A wall-hung toilet seat creates space in the bathroom when the floor space is left free. Bekijk product

  • Woodio Cube40

    € 399 - € 699

    Woodio Cube40 table top washbasin is a real bathroom eye-catcher. The soothing and harmonious tones of wood create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere for bathroom interiors. Bekijk product

  • Woodio Soft40

    € 399 - € 699

    Woodio Soft40 table top washbasin made from 100% waterproof solid wood composite with a minimum carbon footprint. Bekijk product

  • Woodio Soft60

    € 449 - € 749

    Woodio Soft60 table top washbasin made from 100% waterproof solid wood composite. It’s a real bathroom eye-catcher! Bekijk product

  • Woodio Hook

    € 39 per 3

    Woodio’s new multipurpose Hook set is designed as a perfect sidekick for a Woodio basin. But worry not, you can also use them creatively all around the house. Bekijk product

  • Woodio Sample Set

    € 25

    Order a full Woodio material sample set for your next bathroom design project. The material sample set include 3 Woodio core colors Natural, Polar and Char together with 7 beautiful northern nature inspired Northern Elements tones Moss, Arctic, Stone, Clay, Berry, Root and Natural Birch. Bekijk product

We are a Finnish modern-minded company. We offer contemporary, lasting design manufactured sustainably. Every step counts when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint. This basic principle of ours extends throughout our whole production chain - from the sourcing of our raw materials to manufacturing, long-term use, and disposal. All our products are manufactured sustainably in our own factory in Helsinki, respecting the environment.

Grondstoffen & materialen

The bio-material innovation we developed, 100% waterproof Woodio material, is a combination of wood chips and resin-based binders. In everyday use, the Woodio material works the same way as traditional ceramics. The significant difference is the almost carbon-neutral production method of the material, which as an environmentally friendly alternative significantly reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions. Woodio material can be utilized as energy waste when it reaches the end of its life cycle.

Productie, vervoer & verpakking

All our products are manufactured sustainably in our own factory in Helsinki, respecting the environment. The low weight of the final product and durability also reduce emissions and losses in logistics.


Woodio works with Finnish norms, values and ethics.

Keurmerken & certificering

RIGOROUS QUALITY CONTROL AT WOODIO FACTORY. Complies with EU sanitary appliances standard ( EN14688 ), and each product is CE certified. DURABILITY TESTED. Woodio products are durability tested with basic detergents and acids, house hold solvents such as alcohol and nail polish remover, scratching and burning cigarette and with ice cold water followed by boiling water for heat shock resistance. WOODIO PRODUCTS ARE MAINTENANCE FREE. If necessary, clean with a water dampened soft cloth and mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap. 5 YEAR TECHNICAL GARANTEE.

Duurzame impact

Our patent pending cast molding technology does not require high amounts of water and energy, or high-temperature ovens to make the final product. This is why carbon footprint is a lot lower than bathroom materials traditionally have. The CO2 savings per unit are 55kg less than with a similar sized ceramic basin.