In Europe alone, more than 11 billion kilos of furniture are thrown away every year. About 80-90% is burned or ends up in landfill. Only 10% of this is recycled. Bulky household waste is the only waste stream that has not declined in recent years but rather increased. This is not only very harmful to the environment, but also a waste of the valuable raw materials. This must and can be done differently! With the ‘Slow down fast furniture’ campaign, The Substitute wants to draw attention to this problem and give consumers more knowledge and insight so that they can make more conscious choices.


Slow down, use SUB

Fast furniture is still a huge blind spot. People are starting to think more about the impact of clothing and food, but if your closet is broken, you throw it away and drive to Ikea for a new one. In the Netherlands, this results in approximately 250,000,000 kilos of interior waste yearly, of which less than 10% is recycled.

85% of people don’t think about sustainability when buying things for or renovating their house. Simply because the knowledge is lacking. What should you ask? What should you pay attention to? The Substitute doesn’t only want to draw attention to the problem but also developed a tool that indicates the most logical and sustainable route for furnishing your home; the Save, Use, Buy (SUB) method.


Sustainable living starts at The Substitute

The Substitute is a platform of sustainable brands and professionals in the field of interior design and renovation. The platform offers consumers overview, inspiration & knowledge in the area of sustainable living so that they can easily make sustainable choices.

I would like a larger version of the Infographic!

Are you a teacher, a sustainability manager or do you have a sustainable store or collection? Then you might be interested in the Infographic as a Roll-up banner.


The dimensions of the roll-up banner are 60 x 200 cm. It comes in a sturdy case with footrests and a carrier bag. For €45, (ex VAT/BTW) you can order this and have it delivered (NL without extra costs for delivery). Order the Roll-Up banner by sending an email to with the subject: Roll-Up banner. Please tell us if you want the ENG or Dutch version.

Campaign credits:

Dees Doorduin is the creator of the Infographic. She made it as her graduation project for her study Art and Economics at the HKU. The Substitute was allowed to supervise her during this. She researched, made a concept and executed everything (sources are listed at the bottom of the Infographic). Milou Jansen is responsible for the illustrations and design. Anja Scheltens is responsible for the campaign strategy.


More information about this campaign can be requested from